Have you been facing sexual dysfunction or do you find it hard to go on in bed? Old age takes a toll on sex and loss of testosterone further kills the stamina but King Size Male Enhancement promises to resolve your sex problems. What does it really do and how can it help you? The enhancement formula attracted our team’s interest when we received a testimonial as well as an advert for the supplement. Then, we heard from some users that it was a scam while some said that they would vouch for it and use it whenever necessary. Read on to find out what we figured out about King Size Male Enhancement through our expert review.

What is King Size Male Enhancement?

Products for male enhancement have always been there but King Size Male Enhancement promises to offer unique batch of benefits. It claims to not only develop the penile blood flow but also the stamina to last longer in bed. Many men have said that within just a month of using this enhancement formula, they were having far better sex than ever.

We had heard about this enhancement solution but we had our doubts but as it turns out, the formula is renowned and well liked among male circles. Numerous forums list it among the top enhancement solutions. King Size Male Enhancement can be purchased by filling out a form for trial option at its official website. Applicable for a limited time period, buyers are required to pay shipping beforehand but no charges for the supplement are needed to be made initially. This free trial option has been among the top reasons behind the product’s fame since it really gives users a chance to try it without paying any cost at all.

Results that King Size Male Enhancement claims to offer are:

  • Higher sexual energy
  • Better Erections
  • Improved orgasms
  • Intense sexual performance

Overall, you can expect the solution to work on your sexual ability and your partner can expect really good sex with the same youthful energy.

Does it work on your penis size?

Every time there is a product claiming male enhancement, more than half of the market interprets it as the usual increase your penis size advert. Often, worse happens and men end up believing it!

But what’s really impressive about King Size Male Enhancement is that even though, they claim to turn your sex life around, they don’t promise any such penile length improvement.

What is penis or male enhancement? A size boost? How can you expect your penis to grow with a supplement or even a surgery?

King Size Male Enhancement promises to offer improve male virility results by keeping sexual output high instead of making any changes to the physical features so seeing couple of more inches on the flaccid penis is out of the question.

In fact, if you are being sold a product that promises to increase the size of your penis then run like a ghost was chasing you! Most of the penis size enhancers don’t work but marketers have grown so amazingly sly with their words that poor market ends up believing them. However, it is worth remarking that King Size Male Enhancement doesn’t resort to any such claims and makes a clear, non-adjective laden statement about boosting male vigor. If testimonials are to be believed, it even manages to deliver the male enhancement results. 

So, you can expect King Size Male Enhancement to heighten the intensity, duration, hardness and length of your erections. With the blood flow boost that it triggers, you can expect the product to really work wonders for your sex life.

What are the ingredients?

Every capsule has proportional blend of Polypodium Vulgare, Maca Root, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto Berry, Panax Ginseng, Epimedium and Mucuna Gigantea.

How does it work?

King Size Male Enhancement works by enabling improved secretion of testosterone levels. As the central hormone to the male body, testosterone is responsible for muscle development, distinctive manly features and sexual energy and performance ability among other things.

Have there been any satisfied users? Are the testimonials authentic or fake?

Along with the reader who suggested us to review King Size Male Enhancement, we found many men talking positively about the product. At first, we were quite disinterested since male enhancement products with such claims keep making rounds and there is never anything new about them. But the extensive positive feedback for it on social media is what pushed us further to try it out.

We found more than a dozen of real people talking about real results with King Size Male Enhancement online.

Nick (New York), an athlete by hobby and a banker by profession, told our agents that the best thing about King Size Male Enhancement was how fast it worked. He observed better erections from day one and it has been 5 months and he is still getting better results than ever.

Brad (Las Vegas), a former Logistics professional turned bartender, told us all about his trial and further purchases of King Size Male Enhancement. He mentioned his apprehension about spending so much money on a sex solution as he wasn’t sure whether it would work. But within 5 weeks, Brad noticed the results and so did his girlfriend. He even added that he felt decades younger in bed and more energetic than ever.    

Like Brad and Nick, we located plenty more users with real results and positive testimonials. We tried looking for complaints against the product and the manufacturer but found nothing. Even though the manufacturer is a fairly new name, we didn’t find any dissatisfied or bitter buyers. The return rate is extremely low too.

King Size Male Enhancement ingredients

Do you need to get a prescription to use King Size Male Enhancement?

No, King Size Male Enhancement formula is based on a tested herbal blend which is made after screening every ingredient.

This is the best benefit of using this dietary solution as you can just get it without any awkward visits or really strange sex consultation with a sexologist. Consultation or the awkward sex talk with your doctor is often among the leading causes that keep men from seeking a solution for their sex problems. But not needing a prescription for King Size Male Enhancement is what makes it such an easy solution.

It is not only safe but also user-friendly and rapidly absorbing. Unless there is a medical condition that might hinder you from using any OTC or medicines or supplements without prior professional consultation, there is no need of a prescription.

How to use?

Recommend dosage for users is one capsule in morning and another one in evening or later.

Can you use it to get instant erections?

No, King Size Male Enhancement doesn’t provide instant erections. It builds results and sexual benefits for the male body overtime.

Can you take it without a diet?

Yes, absolutely.

But this doesn’t mean that you should not censor your dietary intake. The decline in testosterone is what causes male sexual abilities to rupture so you will be getting additional results if you follow a healthy, testosterone boosting diet.

What age group should use it?

Anyone above 18 can use King Size Male Enhancement.

Mostly men in late 30s face reducing sexual prowess but given the hectic and modern lifestyles and jobs, sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction among men in 20s is not uncommon either.

Missed a dose? What to do next?

If you skip a dose, no need to worry about the subsequent dose. Just continue like usual but remember to not take many capsules at once.

Does King Size Male Enhancement really work? Do we recommend it?

Absolutely. We are quite impressed with how King Size Male Enhancement works and how fast it delivers results. Much like other male enhancement products, it claims miracles for men suffering from sexual dysfunction too and it works magic on erection length and duration. Many men have success stories to tell about their sexual abilities as they found it easier to go on with least exhaustion after using it.

What makes King Size Male Enhancement unique and worth recommending is that it also works in the long run and instead of immediate-temporary erections, it gives lasting results. Yes, our team recommends using this male enhancement supplement.


Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of King Size Male Enhancement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Click here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of King Size Male Enhancement based on the expertise of relevant professionals.