The myth of virility being directly proportional to hair loss has existed since ancient ages. The link between T-levels and alopecia or hair loss is fascinating but can be misdirecting too. Some studies have found a connection between low testosterone and hair loss. One of the experiments in 1960s found that men with low testosterone levels were more likely to retain their hair. It is possible to experience baldness if you have a low testosterone.

So, Does That Mean That Testosterone Cause Baldness?

It is not a simple cause and effect case. You are more likely to inherit baldness from your genes than because of high testosterone. Some men with naturally higher levels of testosterone are more likely to become bald but much of their propensity was found to be hereditary.

Some people experience hair follicle shrinkage because of low blood flow in their scalp. As a result, the hair follicles contract and the new hair are thinner and finer than its predecessors. As the time passes the follicle becomes dormant and stops producing any more hair.

Age, stress, exposure to chemicals are also factors that influence hair loss but it all boils down to the sensitivity of your hair follicles which is dependent upon your genetics.

When It Comes To Balding, Testosterone Isn’t Exactly Responsible For Your Hair Loss

A by-product of the testosterone gives birth to the problem. An enzyme, already present in your body, acts upon and breaks down your testosterone and one of the by-product of this chemical reaction interacts with your super sensitive hair follicles and ends up making them barren. So, balding and testosterone are related but in a very complex way.

Some other studies have found that men who had lower levels of testosterone didn’t witness any loss of hair when subjected to testosterone therapy. The main takeaway here is testosterone therapy is not going to make you bald and being bald cannot possibly enhance your performance in the bedroom. You either have baldness genes or you don’t have. Your genes make you what you are and it is impossible to replace them.

Should You Have A High T Than A Low T?

It is of paramount importance to maintain optimum levels of testosterone. Moderation is the key; having low levels of testosterone or higher levels of testosterone both have their own downsides. You shouldn’t just blindly follow trends and try to increase your T-levels.

Is It A Good Idea To Take Testosterone Boosters?

Definitely. There is no direct link between T-boosters and male baldness. Men who actually have lower ranges of testosterone should only take testosterone therapies. Only go for this therapy when the blood tests actually imply that you are suffering from low T levels.

One supplement which can increase the production of testosterone in your body is Alpha F1. It is an herbal dietary supplement which promotes physical and sexual gains. Most of the men who have reported hair loss have consumed synthetic low-quality bad testosterone boosters. Do an extensive research before choosing a testosterone booster and try to stick to some best natural testosterone boosters.

Final Verdict

All the studies are inconclusive in this regard. Take a look at your maternal grandfather’s picture. It is possible that you can lose your hair, if he is bald as the genetics of the mother are more dominant in this scenario. If you have an itchy dry scalp, then you can witness hair loss. Increase the intake of Vitamin E in your diet. Include foods that aid hair growth FoliGROWTH.